We strictly apply hygiene standards in our high-tech production lines in our high-capacity production facility to obtain safe, high quality and superior products. We crowned our quality assurance standards and food safety management practices with our Halal Certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates.


Our production capacity is 60 tons of baklava per month, and our delivery time is 5 days for orders less than 10 tons.




Additive-free production with superior hygiene standards only with the highest quality ingredients

Seydioğlu Baklava, which has been operating since 1951, introduces the flavors of its products to the world with its So Baklava brand. Superior sensitivity is applied in terms of food safety standards in the production process where quality, safety and consumer health are prioritized…

So Baklava implements a system that monitors safe food production, starting from supplier selection and quality raw material purchase to the end point of the product reaching the consumer and by taking all chemical, physical and biological measures into consideration.

We use only the highest quality ingredients.

There are no additives in our products.

So Baklava holds ISO 9001 and 22000 quality management system certificates, which are indicators of corporate identity.


The secret of our unchanging flavor for years is hidden in the quality of the ingredients we use.


We apply the Quality Assurance System at every stage of production.


We carry out innovative R&D studies using technology and science.