In our 2,200 sqm production facility, we incorporated state-of-the-art production lines where we meticulously adhere to hygiene standards to ensure safe, honest and supreme quality products. We have quality standards and food safety management practices in place. We operate with Halal Certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality certificates.

At SO BAKLAVA we only use premium quality ingredients.


We use premium quality wheat flour that comes from the city of Gaziantep, located in theSoutheastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, known of its fresh and clean air and wheat fields.


We use wheat starch to obtain the best tasting dough. Our starch also comes from Gaziantep.


We only use cruelty-free cage free fresh eggs that are delivered on a daily basis.

Beet Sugar

Beet sugar is known to have a sweeter taste than cane sugar and is the only choice ofreal baklava masters.


We use Californian Walnuts, which are well known for their rich oil content and sweet andnutty taste. The walnuts have a pearly-white and crunchy kernel.


Hazelnuts add a crunchy edge to our baklavas. We get our hazelnuts from the Black Searegion of Turkey, where the best hazelnuts are harvested. In terms of flavor attributes, they are nuttywith hint of sweet taste.


The prominent factor in the visual attraction of baklava is the finesse of its layers. A special type of flour that is made from hard wheat harvested in the south eastern part of Turkey is used in making baklava. The characteristics of this type of flour is the high content of wheat protein which makes a tough dough which doesn’t break easily in the hands of baklava masters. Another essential factor in the finess of the dough is the talented hands of the baklava masters that have a natural instinct when it comes to handling the baklava dough.


Although there are many different types of pistachios in the world, Turkish pistachios that are harvested in Gaziantep are the best in the world in terms of flavor. The Turkish pistachios also have many grades and types. We use the Boz İc 1, which is the best type of Turkish pistachio. It is harvested one month before the usual harvesting time. The color of the pistachio is a deeper green that the other kinds, and the aromatic flavor is so intense that it is a burst of taste in your mouth. The best masters of Baklava only use this kind of pistachio. The most prominent characteristics of this special type of pistachio is that it is crunchy and savory with a touch of sweetness.


Also known as clarified butter, is the secret behind our unchanging taste. We get our ghee from a state-of-the art facility located in Konya, situated in the south-western edge of Central Anatolian Plateau.