Approved for Quality, Continuous Taste

We strictly apply hygiene standards in our state-of-the-art production lines in our 2,200 square meter 4-storey production facility to obtain safe, high quality and superior products. We crowned our quality assurance standards and food safety management practices with ISO 9001 and 22000 certificates and Halal Certificate

As SO BAKLAVA, we use only the highest quality and fresh ingredients.


We use high-quality durum wheat flour from the Harran Plain in southeast Turkey.


We use wheat starch from Gaziantep to produce the most delicious dough.


Our daily eggs are obtained from free-range hens.

Sugar Best

Sugar beet is the only choice of real baklava masters because it has a sweeter flavor.


We use California walnuts with a rich oil content and sweet taste.


We use hazelnuts from the Black Sea region of Turkey. In terms of flavor properties, they have high aroma and light sweetness.


The most important sign of the visual beauty of baklava is the thinness of the dough layers. A type of flour which is obtained from Harran plain wheat and called durum wheat is used for baklava. Due to the high value of gluten, known as wheat protein, this type gives the dough a hard texture and produces a crisper baklava. The thinness of baklava dough does not depend solely on the ingredients of the dough. Baklava dough is spread and thinned to a micron thickness for about 12 minutes in the hands of our masters.


Pistachio kernels are used in baklava making due to their suitability in terms of color and aroma. The first pistachio nuts which are collected in late July and early August depending on the annual weather temperatures, have the best quality in terms of color, scent and taste. These nuts, which are grown especially in the Barak Plain of the Antep region, are collected from the trees before they are fully mature. Our private suppliers with whom we have been working with for years collect the nuts and store them for us. Thus, we can use high quality nuts all year round.


The most important element that provides the aroma formation in the baklava and the volume in the upper layers of the dough are the local special fats. Local special fats are products that contain 99% milk fat, especially obtained from sheep’s milk. While butter contains 80-82% milk fat, local special fats have a higher quality fat ratio. Local special fats from Konya are used for our baklava. With the arrival of spring, the milk of sheep fed with fresh greens in Konya is rich in aroma. Therefore, the fats obtained from these milks are carefully collected by our suppliers with whom we have been working for years, and then they are collected for us by filling them in their special facilities. Thus, we use local special fats of the same quality throughout the year as we do Pistachios.